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I'm having a hard time getting my head around font scaling.

I currently have a website with a body font-size of 100%. 100% of what though? This seems to compute out at 16 pixels.

I was under the impression that 100% would somehow refer to the size of the browser window, but apparently not because it's always 16 pixels whether the window is resized down to a mobile width or full-blown widescreen desktop.

How can I make the text on my site scale in relation to its container? I tried using em, but this doesn't scale either.

My reasoning is that things like my menu become squished when you resize, so I need to reduce the px font-size of .menuItem among other elements in relation to the width of the container. (For example, in the menu on a large desktop, 22px works perfectly. Move down to tablet width and 16px is more appropriate.)

I'm aware I can add breakpoints, but I really want the text to scale as well as having extra breakpoints, otherwise, I'll end up with hundreds of breakpoints for every 100pixels decrease in width to control the text.


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